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J&G-Excopesa, our brand emblem, was born in the 70s in León, where it continues to be located, and which at the end of the 90s was renamed Nobel Sport España.

Nobel Sport España is part of the largest European group manufacturing shotgun shells and components. The group has production plants and offices in France, Italy, Spain, and Portugal; and its headquarters in Paris.

All this makes access to the best raw materials available in the market possible and a factory that combines advanced technology and practical experience. Only then can Nobel Sport España stay at the elite of European manufacturers.

Despite the change of ownership and belonging to a multinational group, Nobel Sport España retains the familiar, flexible, innovative and close spirit towards hunters and shooters, which marked its origins more than forty years ago.

  • The acronym J&G refers to Jaime González, founder of Excopesa. Accomplished shooter and hunter, he managed to make a profession of his hobby, to create an enduring brand, and to start a dynasty that is still running the business.

Currently more than 50 reference cartridges of owned brands are produced, including J&G-Excopesa...

...a leading brand in competition and high performance hunting cartridges; and other classics of the portfolio such as Fast or Negrello, in addition to the manufacturing of brand distributor cartridges for a great number of national and international clients.

Manufacturing a good shotgun is easy

Manufacturing millions of regular cartridges with the best ballistic performance is extremely complex. It is necessary to carry out consistent and thorough controls so that their behavior and accuracy are unsurpassed. Having the best components, properly assembled and submitted to strict quality control tests in approved banks, is simply a must. That is the Nobel Sport España commitment.

Pablo González
Consejero Delegado