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Our cartridges

Get to know our wide range of cartridges for hunting and for sport shooting

  • Super 32

    The universal cartridge par excellence. It has achieved a perfect combination of speed and pressure. The use of powd...
  • T4 Caza

    It is almost certainly the best performance cartridge in the market. It is an exclusive product for long-distance co...
  • Fast 28 / 65

    Specially recommended for medium-range shots. 65 mm case for side by side English shotguns. Partridge beating with n...
  • Fast 30 / 70

    A smooth and fast cartridge. Specially recommended for partridge beating where the number of shots is high. Partridg...
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Especial Caza

It is the J&G - Excopesa signature cartridge.

With ballistic characteristics similar to those of Super 32, with its 34 grams of buckshot and use of A1 SP gunpowder, it is a reflection of what a maximum performance cartridge should be.



All Nobel Sport products

Maximum performance in different combinations of cases, wads, powders and pellets for a load adapted to the most common needs of small game. Flawless finish with traditional and elegant aesthetics.


Hundreds of satisfied hunters and shooters vouch for the quality of our cartridges


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Hunters and shooters share with us their opinions about J&G - Excopesa cartridges.

Nobel Sport España

J & G-Excopesa, our flagship brand, was born in the 70s in León, where it is still located, and at the end of the 90s it was renamed Nobel Sport Spain.

Nobel Sport Group France - Spain - Portugal


Bajo el nombre Excopesa coexisten actualmente dos empresas y un amplio catalogo de productos que satisfacen todas las necesidades de equipación del cazador y tirador.

La satisfacción del cliente es nuestro objetivo, y a ello dedicamos todos nuestros esfuerzos.

¡Disponible el nuevo Programa de Puntos J&G - Excopesa!Descarga del Catálogo de Regalos